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Jesus Christ the Saviour

The true God who is the eternal I AM prophesied through His servants the prophets of the coming of the Messiah, who is the only Saviour of the world. The form of salvation, His Cross, is shown by Isaiah 52- 53, see here: Jews called in Christ: St. Isaiah and the time of His appearing and His sacrifice on His Most Holy Cross for our salvation is told in Daniel 9 in St. Daniel’s 70 weeks of years prophecy.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jews, Messiah and the Temple

Jews, Messiah and the Temple

To be saved, the first thing for Jews is to be saved from is the idea that there is some other Messiah than Jesus Christ - St. Moses and St. Isaiah are the places to start.

St. Moses

St. Isaiah

The next thing is to be immediately disabused of the idea of reconstructing the Temple for any reason to do with salvation.

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